Sunday, June 12, 2011

Featured Artist: The Agonist

            Normally I try to avoid doing Featured Artist pieces back to back, but it’s been a busy week or so. I got to see a few concerts and films, and a few reviews might come up within the next week or so but for now let’s learn about The Agonist.

            The Agonist first came to my attention with their high placing a few years back durning MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. I wasn’t crazy about death metal at the time but I recall enjoying their sound. At any rate I didn’t start listening to them regularly until recently. I got their albums after I saw that they would be performing at Jaxx Nightclub in August with Kamelot and Alestorm, two of my favorite power metal bands. Since then they have sent me flying head first into melodic death metal bands and metalcore including In Flames, Children of Bodoom,  and Arch Enemy.

Who Are They?
            Like several other Featured Artists, The Agonist comes out of Canada. While we may joke around about our neighbors to the north it would appear that the music that makes it across the border is rather good. The band consists of Alissa White-Gluz on vocals, Danny Parino and Paco Jobin on guitars, Chris Kells on bass and backing vocals, and Simon McKay on percussion.  Their music makes it very clear what is important to them. They tend to attack many social issues in their songs, everything from animal rights to foreign relations is confronted with the kind of fury that The Agonist has gained a reputation for.

Musical Style
            As I’ve already said The Agonist is a melodic death metal band. What they tend to be known for is Alissa’s ability to do both clean vocals and death growls with great skill and consistency. Lyrically they are sometimes layered and sometimes straightforward depending on the song. There are several bands that you may be able to draw comparisons to, but I like the comparison drawn with OT3P for several reasons. One – OT3P was already a featured artist here and two – lyrically their songs tend to tackle the same issues and it would appear that Alissa and Otep have similar views. Musically they are different, but I could see how many people would enjoy both bands.

Other Stuff
            As previously mentioned The Agonist will be at Jaxx in August with Kamelot and Alestorm and it will be my second metal show of the year (the first will be OT3P this upcoming weekend). It should be a good show and if you’re in the area is certainly isn’t every day we have this many excellent metal bands in one area.

            Another cool tidbit is that Alissa’s sister Jasmine White-Gluz is in an indie shoegaze band called No Joy. I actually really like this band too and while shoegaze is probably as far as metal as you can get after metal I listen to primarily indie music anyway. I won’t talk much on them now as I expect to put them up as Featured Artist eventually, but keep your eye on that band.

Prevues of Coming Attractions
   I’ll probably throw up a review of Thor, The Hangover, or Bess Rogers / Rachel Platten’s concert. Maybe even a retro review of a film or something, to be honest I haven’t thought to much about it. 

The next Featured Artist will not be decided by a poll, as a reader here, Jana Fisher, is an independent artist out of New York. Her music is excellent and I look forward to writing this piece. Other than that I am planning on writing up short list of cancelled shows I wish were still on the air. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got, see you next time!

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