Sunday, January 6, 2013

"When Banners Fall" inspires

Remember how a couple of weeks ago I said I don't usually write album reviews? Well, as fate would have it, I rather enjoyed talking about A Fine Frenzy's newest album, so I'll be doing another album review right now!

This week we're talking about The Clockwork Dolls' newest album "When Banners Fall". I cannot express my love for this amazing, artistic album enough. I've talked about the Clockwork Dolls a lot on this blog, and with good reason. There is something about this WWII themed album that just grabs you and refuses to let go. While each piece stands on its own, once I hear one song I am inspired to listen to the entire album, in order in order to have the full experience of this album.

I have long been a fan of The Clockwork Dolls and this is a sizable shift in who they are, and in my opinion it is a move in the right direction. I've always loved "Dramatis Personae", but the new album has a style that feels gritty, large, and cinematic.

Artistically beautiful and visually powerful, "When Banners Fall" is an absolute triumph. The entire team over at The Clockwork Dolls put a lot of heart and time into creating this album, and it really shows. I cannot recommend this album highly enough. Bridging and transcending styles and genres, the sound captures the feeling of moments of clarity in a world of turmoil.

To pick up this album head over to, while you're there check out the new website design, the wonderfully written lyrics, and keep your eyes out for what's coming next! Until next time...

Keep Flying,

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