Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why a "Jenny Owen Youngs" Tattoo?

This discussion is long overdue. The other day I mentioned on Twitter that I was pricing a Jenny Owen Youngs tattoo. First of all, I'll discuss exactly what the tattoo is meant to be. I'd be getting the "Batten the Hatches" tour poster (seen below) with two changes. Firstly, the flowers would be changes to chains possibly connected to an anchor, and secondly the phrase would be changed to "Breaking is Easy", a lyric from "Bricks". Initially I was going to have the ship being dragged down by an octopus as well, but I am considering leaving that out as I do enjoy the imagery as it stands.

This album, specifically the song "Bricks" got me through a hard time in my life, and as a result I have been a huge fan of Jenny. I've met her twice now and it was probably the only time I've ever had a huge internal freak out meeting an artist. Anyway to this day "Bricks" can make me cry, or pull me out of a dark place. When I'm in a bad place I feel less alone, and when I'm out of it, it's a reminder of what was. As a single song it has probably made me feel more than most of the music I listen to put together, and the album as a whole is so raw and powerful. While my musical choices are always changing, I've been a J.O.Y. fan for something like 6-7 years now and I feel fully comfortable with the idea that this would be on my body for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to be able to pay for this tattoo, which is going to be within the next month once I set up travel plans to head to NYC and get the tattoo from the artist that designed it, and I doubt it will be the last J.O.Y lyrics to make it on to my body.

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